Hilton and Sarah

Love and Laughter

I met up with Hilton and Sarah in downtown Blacksburg, Virginia. The love and enthusiasm that Hilton and Sarah share is so apparant in the way they act around eachother. We wondered around downtown, stopped by the Lyric, the Alexander Black House and a coffee shop. We also went to the Underground, a favorite bar of the two of them. They had a drink to celebrate their upcoming wedding. When I asked Sarah what she loved the most about her partner, she answered that Hilton can always make her laugh. His thoughtfulness and goofy spirit can make even the toughest times so much easier. Hilton respponded that Sarah is incredibly patient, a thorough listener and thinker. There was so much laughter and happiness in this session, that it overcame the fact that it was pretty chilly and windy. If this session was any indication of the rest of their lives, Hilton and Sarah have the right recipe!! Congratulations you two and I am looking forward to your wedding in June!!!