Robbie and Alaina

Two Chemists, A Garden and A Band

Robbie and Alaina were married on a beautiful July afternoon at the Hahn Horticulture Gardens on the Virginia Tech Campus. Both chemists, the ceremony involved a chemical reaction where two clear liquids turned into a blue liquid. The couple were surrounded by family and friends and the beautiful Hahn Gardens. The reception was full of dancing to a wonderful local band, Awesomesauce, as well as a heartwarming performance by the groom and his own band. Robbie and Alaina did a lot of the decorations and prep themselves, they made table numbers out of the Periodic table of elements, Robbie made the cake, Alaina made the bridesmaids necklaces and her own hairpiece as well as the flowers. Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Hull, may you find many years of perfect chemistry.