Gary and Amy

It all started with a Penguin

When Gary met Amy, they were at the Cellar in Blacksburg and he was wearing a penguin onesie. Gary was participating in a parade and once that was over, he ran back to the resturant and Amy was still there. From then on they have been inseprable. The two of them love to travel and also love to laugh. The two of them are so happy together and that shows in all of their pictures. I cannot remember at time at their wedding when one of them wasn't laughing. Gary has such a warm and bubbly laugh and it is impossible not to laugh with him. Amy and Gary were married at the beautiful Explore Park in Roanoke. Amy and Gary decided on a first look instead of the normal first viewing as the bride walks down the aisle. The look on Gary's face when he saw Amy shows exactly how much love he has for the woman in front of him. After lots of fun dancing and a great dinner, everyone sat down for toasts. Amy's sister surprised everyone with a toast put to a song. I was able to steal them away for sunset pictures and BOY what a sunset it was. Amy's family is of German, Sweedish and Norwegian descent and there were a few traditions that made their way into the wedding ceremony. The Nuremburg wedding cup and dancing with Hulda, a broom decorated to look like a woman and covered with kitchen utensils. All the men are required to dance with Hulda. These two are so full of love and happiness, it radiated to everyone in attendance. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Gary and Amy Nave. May you laugh with each other for many years to come!

56 Roanoke River Pkwy
Roanoke, VA 24014